A Promotion or Whatever

Okay so I’m not at all indifferent to this news as this title would suggest (or the text I sent to my wife earlier – just my little Scott Pilgrim reference of the day). I am actually quite happy about it but there is just something about me that was ready/expecting/knew it was going to happen.

I mean, I worked for it. I had help and support and I put myself into it panicking on the inside plenty but when it came down to finishing with everything, I knew I did well. I knew I nailed my PIAT (a presentation on how I helped to or change the store for the better) when I was finished, I knew I nailed it when I presented it to the other Assistant Managers in the district (the group of stores around us), and I flat out knew that I did almost perfect in my interview.

So I kinda get left with this cockiness bullshit after it is all said and done with. But knowing myself I am full of uncertainty about everything else in life (some exaggeration here) so why shouldn’t I feel badass about this. Right? Right.

So when all is said and done with I am just waiting on a store placement, my salary offer (crossing my fingers that it will go a long way to supporting this little girl that is almost here), and the inevitable nervousness that will come when walking into MY new store knowing that it is MINE and that all things from then on will be a product of MY DOING.

So if you see me, congratulate me, and I seem off-put or ungrateful, I’m not, it’s just my way of saying, “thank you.”

“That’s not a skirt girl, that’s a sawed off shotgun.”


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