In Transit


I’m sitting here next to Cindy – reading, or not reading on the bus. I started The Fellowship of the Ring immediately after The Hobbit though I had no real plans to until I found out that the extended edition of the movies was on it’s way from Amazon. So naturally I want to watch them again but not before reading the books. I’d add again at the end of that sentence but I’ve never made it through all of them. I only ever made it most of the way through The Hobbit and I only ever finished The Fellowship.

I wasn’t even obsessed with the movies when they came out originally though I had seen them all in theaters at least once. It has grown on me with time.

So like I said Cindy and I are on a bus on the way to Pennsylvania to have what turns out to be a celebratory weekend with our good friends Kara and Michael. I am eager.


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