Cheeseburgers in Paradise

This is the first day off in a bit that I’ve got to myself to sit here perusing news feeds and writing something before I get a “start” to my day.

Today the day started early as I went to the doctor with Cindy today. It had been about two or three weeks since her last appointment and all I’ll say is that the results were a lot more encouraging this time around. We’ll just keep doing what were doing – meaning that I’ll keep her doing what she’s been doing 😉 – and everything should run along smoothly till the baby girl is here.

Cindy and I visited our friends Kara and Michael in Pennsylvania this past weekend; it was a perfect summer weekend and our last social scene, probably, for quite some time. Saturday we went on Michael’s parent’s boat – out on the Susquehanna river. Spending about six hours out there Cindy and I even got a little unplanned color.

On Sunday I went for an eight-mile run with Michael along some train tracks (I think it was called the Heritage Rail Trail). I really love it there but it’s an exercise in futility to ever have Cindy want to move there (sorry it’s true). We also saw Super 8 a second time (loved it just as much if not more).

Then was the BBQ that defines summertime, or is at least a contributing factor. I had a burger with guacamole on it for the first time and can’t wait to try it again. We played some games and just overall had a really good time. It was a nice end to the weekend. We went back to Kara’s house and finished everything off with a few games of You Don’t Know Jack.

But now I’m back in reality still moving forward from my metal downward spiral that seems like it was more than a week ago. Moving forward is more code for what I’m not talking about though some of you know. I assure you though that everything is good and is moving toward even better. Still, everyday I am mentally forcing myself to approach everyday things differently and it is working if only most of the time.


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