Existential Yet Cryptic

This morning I don’t feel particularly like reading my book, the newspaper, or any video game news. I don’t feel much like taking a nap on this ten minute break of mine – I just feel like tapping something out really quick for the reason that I do not want to stare off into space for ten minutes. I’m sure Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja would occupy my time though I don’t feel like doing that either. What am I to do with this state of lethargy? What is its cause?

I believe that I am over-tired as tends to happen when I open more than one day in a row. Even typing this I am looking at what I am saying, finding that perhaps this isn’t a train of thought that I would normally write out. These usually are the incoherent thoughts that never become formulated but still linger at the fringes of the mind. Ooo, look how existential I am being.

I realize that I also haven’t updated in quite a while. I haven’t checked so pardon me for my laziness. For those of you wondering about my mental well-being – those who have reached out to Cindy or I personally – trust me, I am doing alright. I’m taking care of it.

I also lost something – this week – that I am not to get back. So much for not being cryptic.


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