Saturdays and Sundays

I had been looking forward to Saturday for about two weeks. I was nervous. I was excited. I ended up disappointed.

I went to a psychiatrist on Saturday because I had been unhappy for no particular reason at random times. More than anything I felt frustrated by it – I felt helpless. It has been happening more and more frequently yet for the past two weeks I have been, for the most part, okay. This is what everyone has been concerned about but I can assure you that I am excited for our baby. Cindy and I are doing just fine as well. I’m not crying for help instead this is the place where I try to vent where I’m feeling. On Saturday I was looking for a place to do that with better effect than just worrying everyone. Today I’ll be looking for a therapist because that was the one good recommendation that I got from this doctor. So please stop worrying.

I had been looking forward to Sunday for about a week. I was excited. I ended up pleased.

I saw the final Harry Potter movie with Cindy yesterday and it was great. They really pulled these last two movies together (arguably one, right?) and impressed me though I’m sure if I had read the book right before watching it I would have had my complaints.

(Just a note here: I am listening to auto-tuned Bon Iver: Woods from the Blood Bank EP)

(Okay back to Harry Potter) So a lot of people are done with Harry Potter now but I am looking forward to Pottermore as I have mentioned before. More details have come out. The e-books will not all be released at one time. They will be released with at least a few months in between each other. This is a little disappointing as I will have to wait all over again (and yes, I know I can read the hardcopies if I wanted) but I am sure all of the Pottermore integration will be worth it – from the preview it looks like it will be (ex. history of Hogwarts Express, how Petunia and Vernon met, Professor McGonagall’s background).

20110718-112322.jpgThe rest of yesterday was fun as well. We stopped by The Highline though we quickly left because of course, I had to pee. We also stopped by the first Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. I waited in line for at least a half hour; the wait in line at The Shack is always worth it.20110718-112335.jpg


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