An Early Start

20110720-094849.jpgToday I got of the bed at 6.30am – by choice. I had my eight hours so I was actually eager to get a start on the day. I made myself a bowl of cereal and brewed some coffee. After finishing the cereal I immediately started writing. Creatively. With no hesitation, no fear, and no reserve.

This has been happening to me since yesterday morning. The makings of a story popping into my head. As soon as I got to work I whipped out my notebook that I have been waiting to put the first words into for months. I wrote until my shift started which only was about a page but it felt natural, exciting and moreover the people I showed it to, loved it. Well maybe not loved, but they liked it. Matt said he felt like he could hear the characters voice and to me that was enough. For the rest of my shift all I wanted to do was write. I wrote some later on and by the time I went to sleep yesterday I had about two pages down. Now I have four and a half and the makings of a first chapter.

I want to pore over it a bit more before I post anything here but like I said: I’m excited.

I’m inclined to think that this could be because I had the opportunity to see a psychologist Monday – one that I really liked. I don’t know though. That would be one hell of a quick mental switch.


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