Wine and Writing

I don’t really know how this post came out as I had to rewrite it because I lost 99 percent of it to the auto-save feature that didn’t autosave.

I think so often about how I consider myself to be a writer. How can I consider this when most days I don’t write – anything.

Most of what I read about author’s suggestions for becoming a successful writer is to write a lot, all of the time, and never stop. It has been a while. I was going strong there for a while in the summer but alas Avery was born and I kind of took a hiatus. Now I find it hard to get back on the wagon.

I don’t think using Avery as an excuse works anymore. I’ve found the balance and while some days are harder than others (today being one of the harder days) I think I should get back on the horse.

I’ve been reading a nonfiction collection by Jonathan Lethem. In it I get the impression that he was writing a lot since he was 15 though it’s more factual than impression. I think I was writing a lot at that point in my life though more often than not it was poetry. I was, and still am, intimidated by anything with length. I think it is because as the longer that it gets the closer it is to someone reading and rejecting it.

I think back then I had a lot more positive reinforcement something I don’t really get now.


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