Last Year Review

I’ve already written one new post in the new year and though it seems dumb to mention – two weeks in – I had so many grandiose plans for an end of 2011 post. Instead I’m going to chug forward here, putting together some mishmash of that idea.

Last years New Years Resolution was to read 50 books. This year I’ve given myself that same goal though I am not inclined to call it a resolution. I’ve already read two so I’m on pace. Last year I finished 22 or 23. It didn’t help that I was stuck on The Lord of The Rings from June to September… if not longer. I honestly can’t say if that was the most books I’ve ever read in a year because I’ve never kept track. I think it would be depressing to me if that were the case.

It was also a good year for music. It was a summer filled with Bon Iver and the Arctic Monkeys. Enough said. I also discovered an album that came out in early December in early January 2012: The Black Keys El Camino. It’s fantastic. This year I’m looking forward to the new Shins album Port of Morrow.

In terms of video games I only remember what I haven’t finished playing: The Gunstringer, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Halo Anniversary. The only came that came out after Avery was born that I finished the campaign of – but am not satisfied with how much I’ve played multiplayer – is Gears of War 3. Fantastic end to the trilogy. I have still yet to find the balance of playing games and hanging out with Avery – the latter of which is more rewarding, obviously.

I haven’t run in a while. Well, since last Sunday. I am going to run today though.

Avery’s doing great. She’s growing like a weed. Her personality is adorable. What else can I say?

I wrote a lot in 2011. The goal is to finish that story in 2012.

Come back to me later about movies.


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