Super Bowl Predictions

I can’t lie. This post will be biased. I truly believe that the Giants will win the Super Bowl this evening. This year in football has made me a fan of the New York Giants whereas before I had no previous affiliation with any team.

I had watched football on Thanksgiving with my family growing up and always listened to my Grandfather talk about the rules of the game. I don’t remember a time where I didn’t know the rules of football. Still, I was just a casual fan of the game – I would enjoy watching it when it was on – and had no loyalty to the game. I enjoyed hearing my Grandfather talking about the bets he made on games with no feelings just his gut telling him whether on not he would bet over or under, etc.

I think the turning point this year was when I was watching the Falcons pummel the Jaguars on December 15th. I was out with other mangers from my district (work) and my district manager. I paid attention to the whole game and was impressed that the Falcons made the Jaguars look like they couldn’t play football.

From that point I became wrapped up in the Giants tight playoff run. Then came the Giants/Falcons game and was impressed to see that the Giants made a team that I was so impressed with just a few short weeks before look terrible.

I was hooked.

I watched every second of that game and have watched every second of every game since that point.

I am a New York Giants fan and I don’t feel like I should be looked at as a front runner. You can call me that but I feel like I am rooting for a team that fought tooth and nail to be in Indianapolis tonight.

…and now for my prediction that I have been thinking about for about a week now.

I think the Giant’s defense will hold the Patriots to a few field goals – if I’m being generous, a touchdown somewhere in there – and the Giants will have a score somewhere in the 20s or low 30s.

Prediction: Giants The Patriots will lead the scoring with a field goal in the first quarter and that will be the only time they are ahead all game. The Giants will score a TD based on Eli Manning’s beautiful passing and the rest of the game will be history.

Brady might cry too.

Do me a favor and “Like” this post if you can’t wait for the game tonight.

P.S. – The TV show The League had a lot to do with my fandom this year.


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