The Usual Sunday

Whether or not I actually accomplish these things, they are nonetheless the goal for every weekend:

  • Read the paper (did that today)
  • Read some of the current book I am on (has not yet happened this weekend)
  • Write some fiction (hasn’t happened since the weekend before Valentine’s Day)
  • Write a blog post (WOW – here and now)
  • Run (going to happen after I finish the laundry)
  • Play some video games (maybe later)

These are the goals for relaxation every weekend. It can no doubt be hard to accomplish all of them or even some of them. I think if I accomplish at least half I’d call it a well-rounded weekend. What do your routines look like?

In the spirit of Sunday Routine that is every Sunday Metropolitan section of The New York Times I’ll tell you my ideal Sunday Routine.

Wake Up and hop on the computer for a little early morning web browsing before Cindy and Avery wake up.

Walk The Dog, pick up the paper on my way back into the apartment and come upstairs and Brew Some Coffee.

Read The Paper while drinking coffee and waiting for Avery’s food to heat up.

Feed The Baby and hope that she goes down for a nap so that I can perhaps Write Something Fictional.

Run Errands like food shopping and do some laundry. Come home and Run.

Watch Some TV with Cindy.

Go To Sleep.

Now obviously there is a lot of filler in there that one either cannot plan for and consumes the majority of the time but that’s the rough outline of the ideal Sunday.


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