First Post Since…

This is the first post in quite a while. This is the first post since I haven’t been at Starbucks anymore. It has been over a month now. I still feel some melancholy about it – like today. This is the longest I’ve gone without any job since I was 15 or 16. I would have never planned it this way but it happened this way. I’ll not go into why I’m not there anymore.

Arguably I have the most important job in the world now:

I'm not doctor not a baby man!











She’s my world. I don’t view it as a job though. She’s quite a pleasure to take care of (most of the time) and she’s relatively easy going (most of the time). I’ve taken to doing chores that I give myself to do every day to keep busy. I’ve had the chance to play a good amount of video games (finished Mass Effect 3 finally a few weeks ago) and I also have been reading (finished Game of Thrones book 1 earlier this week).

What I’ve been doing to feel productive is writing. I finished one thing that I was working on. I’ve since been typing it up, reworking it, and then I am going to have a friend edit it. I might then publish it on Kindle since it appears to be very easy to do and since I want everyone to read it.

I’ve since been working on something else that I’ve posted about on Facebook.


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