Interview w/ Fineas Page (Writing Exercise)

I’ve invented a fictional writer his name is Fineas Page. I have been sharing “his” posts on Facebook and while I don’t think anyone’s really been reading them I’ve been doing it as a for fun writing exercise. I haven’t really come up with a voice for him that sounds different from my own yet but with each post I have been hashing out the details of his life. Here is an interview I had with him:

Nate Kowal: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me. I hope all of my readers are looking forward to this interview as much as I am.

Fineas Page: It’s nothing less than my personal pleasure.

NK: Lovely weather we’re having.

FP: It’s days like this that remind me of endless summer days standing at the corn stand. It’s what is responsible for my lovely leathery complexion.

NK: Mhmmm. Okay. Pardon me if this interview is a little scattered. This is really the first opportunity I’ve had at poking at an author’s stream of conscious.

FP: Not at all. I’m not exactly the most well-known writer in these parts. It’s all new to me as well.

NK: Thanks for understanding. Anyway. For those of my readers that might not know how old are you?

FP: I’ll be 35 years young in July.

NK: And how many published works do you have?

FP: Well, one. Several more completed but no one is buying these days. I have a few writer’s credits on a couple of different TV shows. Times are hard.

NK: You feel like this is because of the economy?

FP: Not really. [laughs] I feel more like it is for the reason that what I have written isn’t all that great.

NK: But your first novel Camera Shy was phenomenal.

FP: I appreciate it. I wrote all of the other finished works before I wrote Camera Shy so that same quality is not there. I’d say something cliche like how we are own worst critics though I’d be wrong. My agent says that I should be writing something in the same fantastical vein as CS. I have ideas in that universe. I do not want to be pigeon-holed into this one place.

NK: I understand. What are the themes for the other works?

FP: They are all variations of different coming of age stories.

NK: Ahh.

FP: See. It’s easy to hear the skepticism in your voice.

NK: Apologies.

FP: It’s not necessary. I wrote them at a time when I was struggling to discover the person that I was. It’s funny though, I still don’t know. But do we ever?

NK: Well you’ve got one on me.

FP: Meaning?

NK: One novel. I just finished a coming of age story myself. It’s more of a novella.

FP: Perhaps you’ll have better luck than I have had.

NK: I hope so. I feel as though all of my idealized author’s out there make it sound so easy to get published. I recently watched a promotional clip for Michael Chabon’s works being published as ebooks. He used the words “transcend” and suddenly I feel like I can do anything. I then sit down at my desk like I do every day and the words just don’t come.

FP: It will happen every time.

NK: What will?

FP: That feeling that even though you have finished a piece that the next one will be easier. If anything it is harder. You’ve set that expectation of yourself that now you can do this.

NK: Exactly.

FP: [he just nods and stares out the window]

NK: Sorry, let’s get back to you. What is next for you?

FP: I suppose I’ll work on another novel set in the universe of Camera Shy.

NK: Anything you want to say about that? Any exclusives for my readers?

FP: It’ll probably be set a generation into the future. The world has evolved into your dystopian climate. The cameras are now made using human eyes. Our protagonist’s child Katie will be the protagonist of this book.

NK: [spoiler] I thought they killed Katie at the end of Camera Shy.

FP: Just think of all of the technology abound in this universe. Would it be unrealistic for Katie to still be alive somehow? Anyway that’s all I’m saying.

NK: [chuckle] I want to read that now.

FP: Next year. [he winks]

NK: Well thank you again for spending this time with me.

FP: No thank you for listening to me jabber on.


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