Writing and Reading Update

For the past two weeks I haven’t been feeling particularly productive when it comes to writing. I’ve definitely written something though I think I am not progressing on their stories (yeah I have two going at the same time) because I can’t get the “what comes next” going in my mind. One story (the one about an author trying his hand at comics) feels like a whiny writer and the other (a guy who is inventing a new sort of camera) I am just not sure where to go with it yet. Both are ideas that I’ve wanted to write about for the last year or so. They haven’t gone away so I will be continuing with them; they obviously want to come out.

I think more than anything I have to stop putting them off; doing that will not get me anywhere.

I’ve also been really wrapped up in reading. I finished a book in a week which in it of itself is not a big feat, I just hadn’t done it in a while. Now I’ve managed to make it nearly halfway through Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers in just over a day.

You heard it here though: I will begin writing again, in earnest, on Monday. I also still need to finish typing/editing my finished work. I am almost certain that I decided to self publish it on Kindle so look forward to that.


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