An Everything Update.

I had made a promise to myself to write yesterday. I did. I felt relatively good about it because it was more than I had written at once over the past two weeks. The only thing I didn’t feel good about was the fact that I know what I am writing now is subject to a lot of change. Sometimes when writing feels like this I feel as though I shouldn’t be writing anything only because I know that it could end up being completely different. But you are supposed to get it out, right? I keep thinking that I can solidify all of the details in my head and then when they are ready I can let them out. I know that this is anything but the truth. I’ll be waiting a long time.

Today I haven’t written anything at all. I blame SimCity Social. You all need to play it and give me vast sums of free things so that I can get this bug out of my system.

Today the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut launched so I am also excited to jump into that and see what else the team at Bioware wrote for my characters. I think I’ll be satisfied with at least 5 more minutes of cutscenes. All I really want out of it is a little resolution with love interests.

Hold on a second. I want to go check out my city. Okay. Back. This game is ridiculously addictive. It is not a good thing. They really want you to spend money to play it. That isn’t going to happen. It does have me intrigued as to how addictive the new SimCity will be when it comes out this fall.

I’ve also been running a good bit lately but I suppose if you are on Facebook often enough you already know this. I am enjoying the upgrade to the Nike Running app as well as the Nike Plus site.

I’ve been reading Outliers. I’ve wanted to read it for quite some time. The first half of the book was more interesting than the second half has been.


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