FICTION: An Excerpt from my newest piece

This is an excerpt from something that I have been working on for a few weeks. It is really rough so please keep that in mind. A lot of this is subject to change. I just wanted to show this part of it because it required no context.

How the War on Terror lead to the two great nations – The New and Old Worlds – is an interesting web They spin. This, the story They teach us in school, is the one everyone believes.

There was a time when the world was seized by war. The Middle East Wars – as The War on Terror became to be known as – gave way to World War 3. In the period of The Middle East Wars the world would only be safe, temporarily, from nuclear war. Countries that felt that they had no business in the war turned a blind eye. Countries that had long been at peace could no longer agree on the decades long Middle East Wars. More life had been lost to these conflicts than any other war by any other country, combined. The European, Asian, and Russian countries would not rest until the Middle East was more of a wasteland than it had already become.

The United States had to, once again, save the world. The only way to peace was to go to war with these war mongering countries. Sure the United States had been at the forefront of the Middle East conflict though when the death toll had reached 1 billion they had left the war.

So, in a move to attain peace, hoping for the same result of the end of World War 2, the US bombed the world’s greatest cities. They were wrong to hope. This brought about the bombing of the US into nuclear oblivion. In the short timeframe beginning with the United State’s bombing ending with the bombing of their own country the world had lost more than two billion people.

The war raged on, the planet falling into a nuclear winter, while countless more people died. Cities all over the world that had not yet been bombed became ghost towns. Conflicts only sprouted up once every six months soon after that. Technology regressed. The internet became a thing of legend and people had to learn to function without the devices that they had become reliant on.

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The gods were making us pay for centuries of sin. We were being cleansed.

When the conflicts had spread to over a year apart what world leaders that remained agreed to meet. They could all agree on two differing opinions. They agreed that in order to remain in peace these opinions would have to be separated by the Atlantic Ocean. They would meet every half-year at a grandiose event called the World Summit.

Continents such as Africa and South America who could not agree on either of the two world opinions were sacrificed to the gods as peace offerings. The world’s remaining nuclear weapons were used to perform this sacrifice. Since then peace has prevailed. “Peace Prevail” became the world’s motto.

This is the skeleton of what we are taught at school. Gods know what really happened.

Though the idea scared me when I first had it there came a day when I needed to know why there were cameras everywhere that were made of human eyeballs. Though that is a tale for a little later down the road.

For now that is how the two nations were formed and I was still one of their puppets.

Hopefully this isn’t too boring as it is just a piece of history that helps the story make sense. I think I was just more impressed with my own mind and how this just fell onto the page. Let me know what you think.


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