Saturday Cooking: Homemade Authentic Italian Pasta Sauce

…or at least that was what this recipe that I looked up said. I haven’t had the chance to taste it yet. I’ll update when I do try it though this is more of a post on how proud I am that I went from tomatoes to pasta sauce in just over six hours.

These are some cored tomatoes sitting in the pot all ready to start cooking.

And in photo #2 we just have some rinsed tomatoes.

In photo #3 this is me peeling the skin off of the tomatoes that have already been cooking for about a half hour.

Photo #4: These have been cooking for just over an hour and have slipped out of their skin. The pot at this point if you can’t tell from the picture was about half full with tomato water and of course, naked tomatoes.

And in photo number 5 we have some pulpy tomatoes in their third hour. The water is beginning to boil out. I was excited at this point; I had something beginning to look and smell like sauce.

In photo 6 we almost have the finished product. The rest of the water just needs to boil out.

And here, in the big picture, we, obviously, have sauce. There are some fresh basil leaves in there and just an hour before this I added entire garlic cloves which had since been smashed in this picture. I may have added just a tad bit too much salt to the final product but just the sauce by itself tasted delicious.

I also had no idea that 10 tomatoes were only going to amount to a jar’s worth of sauce.

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