Night Writer

I don’t typically write at night. As I get older (so old) I find it harder to stay up late that being all the reason I need. But I want to give it a shot. I always try to get inspired by other writers habits, rituals, etc. This one is courtesy of Michael Chabon. I’m reading The Yiddish Policeman’s Union at the moment and as we all know I am always all about what I am currently dabbling in. Perhaps I should drink some coffee at 4 p.m. to aid this writing that I plan on doing. Just a thought.

On days like these I don’t even know why I worry about whatever my habit may or may not be. Today I wrote from roughly 11.30 a.m. to 1 – 1.30 p.m. If I had written nothing it might be a bad day though that wasn’t the case. I put down at least 600 words. Yesterday wasn’t a bad day either – at least another 600. It’s not the ideal goal of 1,000 that every writer tries for every day though you won’t find me complaining; lately I’m lucky if I’ve got anything down that I like. And this weekend I resumed something that I hadn’t touched in a couple of weeks. I now have three ‘somethings’ going. Two potential novels and one unfinished short story.

While I don’t plan on doing anything good tonight I wanted to take this opportunity to write here – at night – so that I felt like I was doing something.

On another note I am sitting at the computer (where else?) watching Avery slowly fall asleep in her play pen. I told her she had a half hour before I put her to bed. It’s much easier when she does it herself.

Goodnight all (again, you’ll probably be reading this sometime tomorrow – in which case, good morning – so yeah) and I’ll talk to you all throughout the week.


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