Not The Usual Routine

I typically don’t do this: write a post before the day has really gotten on its feet. You usually see me bitching about how I couldn’t or could write that day, perhaps with a smattering of fiction here and there – at least lately – but today is different. You have me at a loss though. I’m finding that I don’t have a lot to say. What I can say is that I have been listening to Passion Pit’s new album (yes, it leaked) non-stop. One word: fantastic. I do want to say a lot more about it though maybe I’ll reserve that for a review. Look for that, perhaps, on release day (July 24) one week from today.

Another thing you can’t notice in this post is that my brain isn’t used up for the day. The words are pouring out much easier; they just feel more natural coming out. Do not think that this is something that can really be noticed from the outside approach.

Thinking about my previous post then I do not really know if the could successfully be a night writer.


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