I wanted to go for something more lighthearted today – both here and in my fiction – but where I am in my fiction is pretty bleak even though a ray of sunshine might be poking through.

I finished my technical training for Blue Bottle so next week I will be getting into my store. I just need my schedule.

I am on the fourth day of reading Ready Player One. I feel as though I’ll finish it today.

Often times or often enough I want to write these entries with a pen. Like most of the time I feel like the thoughts flow more freely, it feels more organic.

Blahdy Blah Blah.

Still enjoying this Passion Pit album very much.

I’m trying to get Avery in the habit of feeding herself from a bottle. She can be lazy about often times thinking it’s more than a game than anything else. Especially if she’s not that hungry. For example, right now, she is holding the bottle in her mouth (drinking?) and giggling. It’s pretty cute but I’m thinking, “Come on, don’t make daddy feed you.” It’s a fine balance between doing too much for them (overbearing) and leaving them to their own devices (neglect? God No.).

Tried my best here for a stream of consciousness.


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