With work comes a lot less of what I have been up to. At least on the internet. I’ve been on Facebook a handful of times in the past week and that’s about it. Again what suffered the most is my writing. I have been making sure that I am running. Video game playing has been suffering as well.

Work has been good though. I had worked 8 days in a row had a day off and then worked another two. Now I have two days off. Today I have just been enjoying being on the computer and tomorrow I vow to write something. Anything.

My writing today is just this. This measly little post.

I am very excited to play some Borderlands today. The Borderlands 2 release date is moving up on us and I am eager to finally play through the rest of the DLC that I never did play through as well as the rest of Playthrough #2.

Running has been going well enough though looking at my mileage from last year in these months I am running a little less. I have to get on that. Perhaps I’ll run 7 miles today. Regardless I’ll run at least 4 today.

So a little of everything in this post. More to come. As usual.


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