Dear Avery

Today you turn 1. Or as I like to think about my own birthday you turn 1 at 8.20 this evening (20.20). For your mother and I it’s been a crazy ride but more about that in a moment. Right now there is nothing I’d like to know more than how it has been for you. I hope that we have been the best parents possible. I hope that this ride has been as great as it has been for us. Watching you grow from month to month is something I can’t even put into words. I look at all of the pictures and can’t believe I’m looking at the same baby from day 1 to day 365. Every month you learned something from new gestures, feats of strength and even words!

I can still remember the first weeks of your life where your mother and I were trading off waking up every two hours to feed you. I watched The Lord of the Rings while your mom slept and I don’t know what she did (I was sleeping). You’ve gone from curling in a ball to dancing when you hear music.

Today we went to the aquarium. I was secretly worried that you wouldn’t have a lot of interest in everything but like your daddy you like to watch all of the fish swim. Sea Otters are the best. You’ll eat cake for the first time tonight. I’m really interested in seeing how that goes.

I was so happy that I cried when you were born. I want you to be this small forever so I can always hold you. But I also can’t wait to watch you get older discovering your world. Nothing brings me greater joy.

I feel like I have so much to say though it doesn’t come out.

Right now you are standing next to me trying to see what I am doing with the keyboard.

I love you so much sweetheart. I can’t wait to see what we have in store for each other.


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