Mr. Chabon

This past Wednesday evening I met Mr. Michael Chabon. Though it didn’t go exactly as planned – it never does – it was still a pleasure.

Dear Mr. Chabon,

Though you’ll never read this I wanted you to know that I consider you to be one of the world’s best writers. Your prose is fantastic and the way you construct a world is unrivaled. As someone who considers himself a writer – an amateur at best – reading your words are nothing short of humbling.

If I ever see a published work of my own you will have been one of my greatest inspirations.

We didn’t get to have the short conversation I envisioned in my head which was basically a mash of everything above. We instead had to invoke the “baby rule” and had a rushed experience. At least you liked my daughter and my wife’s Doctor Who shirt.

Again, it was a pleasure. I wanted to have you write an inspired quote along with your signature but just getting to shake your hand was enough.


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