What are you doing during Sandy?

Today is the first day in fifteen days I haven’t had to be on my feet all day. It is also the first serious day of Hurricane Sandy. It is a perfect excuse to get some reading done, play some video games and write a blog post. I suppose these are all subject to the power staying on.

The storm hasn’t been anything special so far the biggest thing going on is a whole lot of wind and as a result the leaves are pooling on the ground. It’s quite pretty actually. I went out for coffee this morning finding it quite enjoyable. When you are on the street the wind is more of a breeze; the rain is light. I’m struck by the thought that this is the most leaves I’ve seen on the ground before Halloween in a long time.

Personally I’ll believe the hype about this storm when I see its effects. Last year in Irene we only saw one downed tree in Brooklyn, my parents seeing the worst of it, in Long Island with the power out for a week. I read something this morning about an 11 foot wall of water having the potential to hit lower Manhattan. It would flood the subways and damage Wall Street’s lines down there. How they predict that something like this could happen I don’t know though, again, I’ll believe it when it happens.

There are pictures all over Twitter of coastal areas flooding like Battery Park, etc.

But the storm isn’t here yet. If you live on those coastal parts, be safe.



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