Still Home

So now I’m not really stuck in the house. It is more of the power is out below 34th (or 31st) street in Manhattan so there is no returning to work because there is no work to return to yet. And as far as we’ve been told we are being paid for the days that we are not allowed to be there. But I still feel useless.

I am, however, encroaching on the end of Borderlands 2. I reached a point last night that positively filled me with glee. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else so there is nothing I can say about it. What I can say is that it was done perfect.

I am resuming this post on Friday:

Everything in the first paragraph still rings true.

I finished the main story of Borderlands 2 yesterday afternoon cementing the series in my mind as one of my favorites. It has to be a testament to both games that I have played no other game in the past three or so months other than Borderlands 1 and 2.

We also watched Safety Not Guaranteed last night. It was positively perfect. Sure there would have been more I would have liked to see though if they had done any less I would have been left wondering why they didn’t go far enough with it. It had such a perfect dichotomy of the things that were there (I won’t mention them). Just watch it because anything else I would have to say here would absolutely be a spoiler.

Now I just need to get some more reading done with all this free time that I have.


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