It’s a Wreck It Ralph, Halo 4, etc., type of 3 Day Weekend.

Day 3 of 3 of my 3 day weekend. I feel like I have done a lot with the time. There wasn’t too much “just sitting around” time.

Yesterday we saw Wreck It Ralph. Cindy made the point that it was like Toy Story for arcade games, a perfect thing to say about it. It was a cute story with plenty of great references for the older audiences (most people were there with kids). I can’t wait to take Avery to a movie. It of course made me tear up at the end – it was just so frickin’ cute!

I’ve also played a lot of Halo 4, a game that I was so wrong for ever judging. I’ve been playing a lot of multiplayer lately but I need to go back and finish off that brilliant campaign. It gets hard sometimes but as always my first playthrough is on Heroic.

As usual, with days off, reading has taken a backseat and I feel guilty about it. I have been on Telegraph Avenue for three weeks or more and that is really 2 – 2 1/2 weeks too long. From time to time I feel like I lose the thread of the story when away from it too long. I don’t feel like that this is happening with this particular book though I should really get on that.


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