(Once Again) It’s Been A While

I’ve had no priority when it comes to posting. It’s a thought in the back of my mind, one that occurs less often than writing fiction. It should be at least as common, I think, in order to keep (whatever I’m keeping) fresh. The thing is I often consider to update what has been going on in life to be menial. Not only that but to update so infrequently and to try and piece together a semblance of what has been going on since the last post would be daunting to say the least.

We are on the cusp (and have already past through one) of the holidays. I couldn’t say that I am in the spirit of the season though I do feel its effects. Once again, as with every year, we will reach that fateful day – it will be underwhelming – and that will be it.

But let me share a nice thought with you. I am obviously of an age where the fantasy of the wonderful belief in Santa has come to pass. I don’t know that there was even a time where I could say that I did believe; I just don’t remember. All of that aside: the thought. From time to time when I am running at this time of year, especially in the days leading up to Christmas Eve, I look toward the sky thinking that in a few days Santa will be flying the skies to deliver presents to all of the children of the world. It is an especially nice thought when you are running on Christmas Eve, looking at all of the Christmas decorations, and let your mind run away with you. It is times like those I think what it must be like delivering all of these gifts to the houses that have essentially set up idols to you on their lawn. That is where the writer in me takes over. I find myself creating scenarios in my mind where the legend of Santa is true and he has us all fooled. I mean is it realistic to expect that a jolly fat man is able to travel the world and deliver the world’s gifts. I think not. Wouldn’t it be much more realistic to imagine a jolly man, with far too much power, that plants gift ideas for your kids in your brain letting you think that you are such a good parent. And because once and a while he wants you to believe as well he has you sign his name to your gifts. Just a nice thought.

Though I think I wanted to go somewhere else with this post (and I’m a little upset that I lost the thread) I am proud of where it did go. At the very least I am proud of where it did go.


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