The Joy of a Series

I don’t know that I’ll have a hugely productive day today. Not because I don’t want to necessarily but because I’ll devote most of my time to reading Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire Book 3). Not that it isn’t productive to me. I just find that if I am doing anything other than reading this book I am thinking about reading this book. It’s one of those things that reading it gives me such a pure sense of joy. It is the joy that only a book series can give you if that makes any sense. You develop a love for the characters portrayed, even the ones that you love to hate, that when something happens you can’t read the words on the page fast enough. I loved the second book in the series but compared to book three it felt like necessary story that needed to take place but one that was just setting up the amazing plot points that take place in book three. Since beginning book three I have heard people say that season two of Game of Thrones was lesser compared to season one. I can understand those complaints (purely from the point of view of reading because I have only watched one episode of season two) because I imagine it was hard to make all of it exciting (except for the last quarter of the book). To those who haven’t read the books but watch the show I say that if the third book is any indication the third season will be an on the edge of your seat experience from episode to episode.

I also picked up The Lands of Ice and Fire which I’ll love to constantly peruse and reference whilst reading the books. 


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