Busy Busy

I can definitely say that I’ve been keeping busy. I don’t even know where to begininning. Should I begin with running, work, general life, or what I’ve been doing for fun? Let’s just go in that order.

I’ve been training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. It has been a lot of things: fun, exhilarating, time-consuming, exhausting and frustrating. My goal is to beat my time of 1hr 38min from two years ago in Philly. It is a fast course so I have that going for me. Though I am putting in a lot of work in there are times where I am just feeling sluggish. It is these times where I’m not sure if I’ll be able to accomplish my goal. Finishing, at least, will be easy enough – it is just the speed I am worried about. I have a 10K to run this coming Saturday morning so perhaps I’ll have a better idea then.

Work has been fun and challenging as well – I’ve been promoted to Lead Barista. It doesn’t sound like much though it is, as far as I’ve been told, a coveted position in the specialty coffee industry. It requires and encourages coffee knowledge that most people don’t even know exists. I’m sure I could talk to you about this until your eyes rolled into the back of your skull and if you can imagine it there is enough information out there to continuously blow me away as well. Just Tuesday I tasted so many coffees in the form of cupping that I quite literally felt burnt out walking out of my training. If you managed to look at that link I can attempt of short tale of my fatigue. Though they were many coffees that we repeated tasting I can give you an idea of how much coffee I tasted (and spit out of course) that day. It was about 34 coffees and a lot of those were multiple cups of the same coffee. So I probably dipped my spoon into over 70 cups several rounds a piece. So I might have dipped my spoon and tasted (and again not always swallowed – we don’t want heart attacks) somewhere over 200 times. We do this for quality control, to develop our palettes, and for the love of coffee. I can tell you that was my most exhausting day tasting coffee ever. I was burnt out but I loved every moment.

General life is always busy as well. Cindy and I pretty much work opposite schedules so errands can be hard to accomplish (laundry, shopping, etc.). Being busy leaves little time for ennui. 🙂

And for enjoyment I’ve had my mind blown by the ending of Bioshock Infinite (finally) and been charmed by the wonders of BattleBlock Theater (finally, again).


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