Scotland Run 10K

This past Saturday I ran the Scotland Run 10K. In short, for those of you that don’t know, that is 6.2 miles. It was my first 10K but easily not the first time running that distance or more.

I enjoyed it but it did not go as I had hoped. In my Nike + app my best time for a 10K is 45 minutes and change. These runs, for the most part, that I do in the app are not race scenarios or occasions where I am trying to set a PR. Naturally I thought that I could at least reproduce that time. I believe my finish time was something around 48 minutes and 30 seconds though I still don’t have the final time from the New York Road Runners site. For the past few weeks I’m really struggling with my pacing. This is more because a month ago my times were faster for the same distances and lately I have just been feeling tired and/or sluggish during runs, trainings, etc. My only hope is to persist through it. I really want to attain the goal of beating my PR for the half marathon from 2010 of 1 hour 38 minutes.


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