20 Months

ImageThat little girl there is 20 months old now – not in that picture – but man does time fly. While not the purpose of this post I just wanted to mention that. And this week – even more so than usual – I just couldn’t wait to get home to her every day.

So since the beginning of this year I’ve been on books 3-5 of The Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones for those who exclusively watch the show). I have been really bad with reading in a timely fashion. I’m currently something like 35% through book 5 but that alone has probably taken me a month. And it isn’t because it is not good either. I quite enjoy it but with the first two I took a couple of books break in between just because the world is so dense. When I read these again, sometime in the future, I’ll be sure to space them apart.

I really wanted to read The Great Gatsby again before the movie though unless I shelve GOT that isn’t going to happen. Though last time I read it I did it in two days. Shrug. At least Cindy is going through it for her fist time before we go see the movie. I am going to be that guy when I go see the movie. I’m going to wear my Gatsby shirt to the movie.

For the better part of the past two months I have been training for the Brooklyn Half. I don’t remember training this hard for my last half – in 2010 – but I want to do better than 2 plus years ago. I’m not sure it is possible though. I feel like something is physically holding me back; I feel like I’ve just been exhausted for the past month.


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