Last night when I was running I had

Last night when I was running I had a map in my head of what I wanted to write here today. It typically happens when I run that my best thoughts, and the ones with the most clarity, come. The problem with this seems to be that I:

  1. Don’t have any time to write after a run.
  2. Don’t want to write after a run.
  3. Don’t want to do anything at all after a run.
  4. I am brain dead after a run.

So that beautiful map is all but gone but hopefully some of the threads are still there.

My schedule has been packed lately. I know: woe is me. I’m not really complaining though and maybe you didn’t think I was. I’m just jumping to conclusions. Every moment not spent working (and with the new position I am a good bit busier) is spent watching Avery (which is awesome but can be exhausting) and every moment not spent doing that is time spent running to train for this half marathon (10 days to go) or running errands (laundry, food shopping). Busy Busy. I’m hoping though that after I run this race I’ll be able to feel a little less “go go go” all the time.

It is good to be busy though and again I’m not complaining, just putting it out there. I don’t get the chance to talk to a lot of people and this might be your only way of getting the 411 on me. People don’t say 411 anymore do they?

But seriously get in touch if you wanna talk. I don’t bite and I’m incredibly passive and forgetful so I’m bad at keeping up with people as well.

This post feels chaotic.

I am excited to be on a new insurance that will probably cover my Lexapro prescription though. I haven’t been on it for roughly a year now (wow time flies) and there are really times I need it. High anxiety times. Times where I have a lot to juggle. It also has the awesome side effect of letting me not be petrified (just ask Cindy how I get) by heights.

To the future.



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