My Current Stance on Social Media

I don’t believe I’ve ever been shy about over-sharing on social media. As far as I was ever concerned that was always the point. I feel like that might be changing. To explain that I need to explain my relationship with social media.

I remember that a year or so after Twitter launched I joined and was all about it. At that time most people didn’t get it but I liked the idea of micro blogging. For over a year now the only means in which I use Twitter is to post from other services (Instagram, GetGlue, WordPress, etc.); for me it has become a service to show what I am doing on other services. In addition I remember when others started using Twitter this aforementioned function was what others used it for (and I just thought that they didn’t understand Twitter’s purpose). Now I am at the opposite end of the spectrum; now I am uselessly clogging other’s feeds while they post actual updates (and I do not). It is now myself that doesn’t understand the purpose of Twitter.

I’ve come to this juncture through my love of the Facebook platform. I can post on Facebook and more people will see. There is more tactile feedback and posts that matter are filtered to the top of a feed. And Facebook grows. Twitter can’t; their concept only allows for so much growth.  From time to time I’ll use Twitter to get real-time feedback on something or someone I care about. Still, no posting.

I’ve been the biggest social media advocate but now through a series of circumstances I’ve considered quitting it altogether. I’m not at the point of deleting accounts (I’m not one of those people) but other than posting to it through Instagram and other platforms I am considering not sharing certain things. The biggest circumstance includes having something that I had shared through this blog thrown in my face (my usage of antidepressant/anti-anxiety medication).

I have also become quite intolerant of a lot of posts that I see (so much so that I hide a lot of it) in my feed. I’m now using Facebook mostly to see updates from companies and developers that I follow. Maybe I’m just bitter or maybe I’m growing out of it.

Apologies if this post offended you in any way. This rant was not directed at any one person. I enjoy a lot of your posts.


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