The Editing Process

Hey there.

You may have seen, recently, on one of the many social media instances that I use I have begun editing my manuscript for what will probably turn out to be a novella. This is a harrowing experience for me because having written the largest part of it about two years ago I find that my way of thinking and my attachment to certain literary devices has changed. A lot of it was getting the idea out and worrying about the technical stuff later on. For myself editing is also rough because I either want to change everything (this one less so) or not do it at all (because that would mean that I am closer to finishing it which is quite scary).

Now that it is “later on” has come I find that I love most of the ideas that I have there and that I just need to work on getting all the inbetween correct. I hope that the editing process won’t take too long because I want to get back on the computer and fix all of the notes that I have been making. Right now I am only getting at it once or twice a week at 4-6 pages of editing at a clip. The manuscript is roughly 50 something pages so it shouldn’t take longer than a month.

I have come to the realization of  why I am not an editor. I find that I’m reading too often and not correcting enough mistakes (I suppose it is good that I find my own work enjoyable enough to read, yeah?). Maybe one cannot really edit their own work but nevertheless it is a fun (but most scary) experience.


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