Release Day Blues

This is another post I meant to post nearly a month ago when the Xbox One was released. It would have had more resonance.

It is special to experience something on its release date. With the Xbox One I lost that experience. Between ordering from Microsoft and perpetual problems with UPS I didn’t get to experience my Xbox One until the 25th of November – three days after release. I unlocked my Day One achievement on day 4. For non materialistic folk out there this may mean nothing and reading it over it does sound rather shallow. Nonetheless the irrational part of me feels like a failure for not playing on launch day.

This part of me is engrained deep inside of me. Though I don’t think I played my Xbox 360 on launch day either I did spend 700 dollars on it (on Ebay) after I wasn’t able to secure one for launch day. At that time preordering online didn’t feel like a thing and I wasn’t yet 20. I was a stupid kid. Though I don’t think there will be the same kind of shortages this time around (Note: just two weeks or so after launch this was confirmed for me when I saw two Xbox Ones at my local Target) I was the first one I knew at that time that owned one. Being that myself and all of my friends are much older now that isn’t the case. I’ve slowly watched my friends list repopulate with high definition gamer pictures (like an avatar or profile picture on any other service) indicative of the upgrade to an Xbox One profile.

I think my wife can sympathize with me in some manner because the day after the XO launch was the simulcast of Doctor Who’s The Day of the Doctor. It was important to watch it at the same time as everyone else. I’d have hated for her to miss that – and  I enjoy watching it as well – just as she was sad that I missed launch day.

I get this way with individual games as well but this being a console launch is something bigger. These console lifecycles are now running 8 years before the next launch of a next generation console. Most of us – but not all – are ready to move onto the next console generation. I waited for that Monday to come even though I now have a small hole that cannot be filled from missing out on playing on my console with my gamertag on launch day. I did, however, get to touch a XO controller on launch day as I picked my copy of Battlefield 4 at a Microsoft store. I had the opportunity to play some Forza 5, Killer Instinct, and Crimson Dragon. Still it wasn’t in the comfort of my own home – knowing that it was all mine.

As with this past console generation we will probably all eventually have all of the next generation consoles but for now we have all picked a side and some even have them in our living rooms (UPS and shortage issues aside). There are a few out there who got to pick up both at their respective launches though those are few and far between. Some are waiting until better games launch. For me it was a no brainer decision. I have a heavy nostalgia attached to the Xbox brand. It was the first console I ever had the opportunity to purchase myself.

Since then I have logged quite a numerous amount of hours on my shiny new XBOX ONE and perhaps this conversation has become moot but until the next console launch – if there is to be one (and I believe there will be) – we’ll see if I ever to get to play a console on day one of its life.


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