Baby Girl Number 2

I haven’t talked about it on social media at all really, unless you count the one or two cute posts, but Cindy and I have another kid on the way – a girl!

Again, this isn’t news to anyone. The fresh and new little one will be here in late April. If I’m lucky that’ll fall on my birthday. This also isn’t to imply that Avery is old or dusty.

I just wanted to write anything about the event, more as a chronicle, maybe to look back at one day.

What is life like with #2 on the way? I feel guilty about it but I don’t think about it as much as I feel like I should. With Avery I remember every day that Cindy was pregnant felt like an eternity (imagining what it feels like for her is not something I can comprehend). I felt as though Avery would never come and my literal dreams of having a baby girl could never possibly be realized.

Now Avery’s been with us for an amazing two years and life changing doesn’t even begin to describe it. For obvious reasons having a kid changes everything, though it also never prevents me from being the same old person I was, in terms how a day flows. A different person might share the differences in routine (between having a child and having no child) but to me that is just getting bogged down in details that one might not care to read. You’ve either been there, you’ll get there, or you never want to be there. We’ll all do it differently and hopefully think that we are doing a decent enough job at it. Personally I think that Cindy and I are doing a pretty great job with Avery. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Now with a second girl on the way the ramp up to birth is entirely different. 1. I’m excited to be having another girl. 2. I’m excited for the day to come. 3. But Avery still occupies the day to day so I do not find that I’m longing a lot (even if at all) for her to get here. I’d like to think that maybe this means that I’m more patient though I’m sure that isn’t it.

Don’t get me wrong I really am ecstatic. It is just the minute to minute or day to day intrigue is different. When I really let myself think about it all I can think is, “OH MY GOD WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY! WEEEEEEEEEEE!”


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