Getting Ready

There seems to be a lot to do with the new little one on the way.

To me it doesn’t feel daunting at all but I do wonder about how it will be raising two at the same time. I worry about Avery feeling jealous of the attention that the new little princess gets. But it is really only a minor worry because I think that we’ve done a good job keeping Avery well grounded. I think she’ll be just as excited at having her home as we are.

I’m not sure if Avery will view the baby as a new human or as just a new “thing”. Only time will tell on that one.

The rest is just a checklist of things we’d like to have ready – Cindy is really “nesting” with this pregnancy – before she gets here. We also have a list of things we need and would like to have before the due date. You know, the usual, a double stroller, some newborn diapers, etc.

This picture comes laden with the utmost sarcasm: WE REALLY NEED TO GET OUR PRIORITIES IN ORDER 😉

Photo on 1-17-14 at 10.18 AMWhat that means is that too often one gets lectured about their choices when there is something else to be thinking about in life. I don’t think Avery has ever gone without or suffered for our choices in life – Baby Girl #2 won’t either. I think she has it pretty great. I’d always like for her to have more but my getting a tattoo doesn’t impact that. Publishing a novel would impact that. Maybe choosing a different career would impact that. But I love what I do and I’d rather not perform some menial job that would suck out my soul at the price of a few more dollars. I know where I want to go in the coffee industry and I’ll work my hardest to get there. But for now let me have my tattoo and don’t lecture me about the consequences of my actions. Cindy and I have always been on the money roller coaster and have had help when we needed it (that you to those) but we are okay right now so don’t put your worry on us. Not to say that this has happened at this particular juncture but I know from past experience that this is where it goes.


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