My Thoughts on The Paris Wife so far

I’m currently in the depths of the Paris Wife. The book is told from the perspective of Hadley – Ernest Hemingway’s first wife. I know next to nothing about Hemingway having read none of his work or anything about him.

That’s changed with The Paris Wife. From before his career ever got off of the ground he lived a fanciful – albeit troubled – life. The author seems to have her finger on the pulse of these two very real people and while I’m sure she uses creative license with the thought process it all feels very believable. I find myself questioning whether Hemingway would have ever become who he was without the people in his life. I’m sure he may have gotten there (with all that talent) or without the support system he might have defeating himself before he ever got started.

It is quite enjoyable to read and other than the fictional creation of thoughts I wonder whether this should really be called fiction. Everything I’ve encountered is a real thing or event backed up by a fictional thought process (probably also backed up by fact).


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