A Changed Perspective

I’ve remained steadfast in my declaration that being a parent hasn’t changed the essence of who I am. 

I’d say that isn’t entirely true. At least when it comes to certain instances.

The one that prompted this post is a result of what is going on around me in life right now – specifically at work.

Coworkers are having kids. Customers bring their kids into the shop. I’ve never felt so comfortable talking about a subject with someone (unless we are talking about the more and more rare conversation I get to have about video games with someone). I like comparing stories, trading tips, and sharing excitement. 

I’m currently anticipating a coworkers first child who was due yesterday. I can’t wait to see that first picture. 

Another coworker is pregnant and that story is already epic. Despite my telling her she couldn’t know how excited I am.

We are due in less than a month. I don’t know what to do with myself.


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