Music (How The Movielife Made My Life)

Music has always been big in my life. It is the reason I am married with a second child on the way.

Most who know us (Cindy and I) know the story so this is for those that don’t. The band was The Movielife. The place was (or AP).

At the time The Movielife were everything to me. When they broke up in my freshman year of college I pretty much cried. They probably meant more to me than any relationship I’d had at that point. I remember when where I was and who told me they broke up. We were at breakfast the morning of September 28th 2003 (my freshman year of college) and a guy named Isaac (who I wouldn’t end up getting along with though not for this reason) told me; the rest of the group I was sitting with confirmed it. It seemed like a cruel joke coming from friends I had only met a month earlier. So yeah the Movielife were important to me.

Cindy and I hadn’t yet met.

I dabbled in the music forum – the place I would meet Cindy. When it came to posting, I was nothing like her and what would become our other friends. I posted when it was relevant to me and posted a poem once about the rain. She told me it was beautiful (using my username at the time). It made me giggle but it also stroked my ego. A summer would pass and we would really begin talking.

And now we’ve made our own history. We share our love of music with her and will never stop. We’ll share the same with our new one. You can’t breed the lifetime of music that we’ve gathered up until this point. You can only foster that passion.

We saw The Movielife’s last show (the 10 or so year reunion) ever the weekend before Avery was born.

Now every time a new I Am The Avalanche (the singer of The Movielife’s band since they broke up) album is released I am taken back in time. The singer’s voice brings me back and resonates in a way that cannot be put into words. I might not feel as strongly about them as I did then but my life wouldn’t be what it is without this man’s voice in my ears.


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