My monthly metrocard expires on 04.20.2014 – Cindy’s due date – and so does being the parent of only one child. I remember thinking about these markers when Avery’s birth date was approaching.

We use water filters and we had just bought a fresh pack of three. I believe we were only a few months out from Avery’s birth and I thought, “By the time we are through with these filters Avery will be here”. I also remember making it those filters rather quickly and she still wasn’t here. I couldn’t wait to be a father.

Now we are on the cusp of baby number two and time is slowing down again. Maybe I should be savoring this time (and we are definitely using this time to do things with Avery to make her feel extra special) but I’m not at all scared/worried/distraught about getting no sleep again (or a rather segmented form of sleep) even though expectation says otherwise.

That day will come soon enough and I’ll be the father of two beautiful girls. Who could ask for more?


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