Since September I have fallen out of a regular exercising schedule. In that same span I’ve biked to work only a few times and run a handful of times (that and the sympathy eating done during Cindy’s pregnancy). I’ve put on about 10 lbs. as a result. All of it goes straight to my stomach and after shaving my face clean for the first time in 3 or so months it was noticed there as well. Before the new little one is born I’ll definitely try to get into and old routine and after the birth eating habits are sure to return to something more normal. 

Running once a week is what has been managed for the past few weeks so if I could even get up to twice and week and get my front bike tire fixed I’d be in a lot better place. It is hard to get that initial motivation going. That and time doesn’t always allow.

Today is Cindy’s last day of work so pending when the baby decides to come I should be able to get a few extra runs in.


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