Just a few days now.

I wrote this down in my notebook nearly a month ago.

Baby Two will be born in – likely – a month’s time. I’ll officially be the father of two lovely little ladies and life will change again. Gradually.

Even when Avery was born it didn’t turn life on it head – despite the night and day change (of actually taking care of a child). I felt like myself, myself with a kid. I’m still feeling that was though now there is a better relation to every parenting situation ever (whether I’m agreeing or not is a different story).

So when our new little girl gets here I’ll get less sleep again, feed two kids, and enjoy their company. What else is there?

Obviously you become busier – you have less time to focus on any one thing – but you also have what my wife and I refer to as a potato. It’ll sit there, eat, poop, and sleep while Avery will around doing her thing (hopefully not waking the little one and vice versa). We won’t become any less of the people that we are; we’ll be better time rationers. 

It is possible that Avery will be jealous though as long as we are sure to involve her I couldn’t imagine that jealousy lasting for long.

Everyone wants to prepare us by telling horror stories though the ones before having Avery turned out to be unfounded so why should it be any different this time around?


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