Forever Writing about Writing

I am always feeling prompted to write about writing because then it might motivate me to do it (that and the validation that I so constantly require). Since I’ve made it a point to not write about it – writing – I haven’t written anything of substance other than a few blog posts here and there.

I’m not necessarily looking to spur creativity with this. It is more the idea of putting my pen to paper hoping to find something buried (though I find it a lot when I’m reading as well). I don’t lack for images or ideas to write about. It is more of the in between – the conversations, connections, making it flow – that I lack for. All this and I need to not be lazy (this is the major contributor (fear as well)).

A lot of the time I am not finding myself on the computer to write these entries. I’ve been trying to write them down in a notebook so that I can parse them out as regular blog entries.

With the blog entries it is more of “I get the thought out” and then that is it. I don’t even need to finish the whole thought, just the stream of conscious.



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