Wish I Was Here

It doesn’t happen often but there are movies out there that truly move you. I’m not talking good or bad here but more the way a film (or any story really) resonates with you. The last time this happened for me was with Toy Story 3. And though I’m jumping ahead a little here it wasn’t that I found myself sobbing the way I did all throughout the last third of Toy Story 3. This was more of how Zach Braff again picked another story to tell the synced up with a time of my life.

At the time Garden State the main character was a few years ahead of me (perhaps 3 -5 years). The same happens here with Wish I was here. But the story told still resonates. In Garden State he struggles with depression (I’ve struggled with depression) and in Wish I Was Here he struggles with identity; as a father, husband, son, etc. Who doesn’t worry about these things when the time comes.

I worried about watching this movie because of some early negative reviews. I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy it or it would miss the mark.

I remember turning to my wife halfway through the movie and saying, “I don’t understand why anyone could possibly dislike this movie.” The scene was of Zach Braff’s character asking about how God may choose to manifest himself.

If I’m looking to complain perhaps the only one that I could muster would be that at the end of scenes the scene often just ends and that the next one starts after a cut (not fade) to black.

The story was perfectly told and believable. These things that take place happen in real lives.

I always worry that I am just making myself like things but, no, I was completely enthralled. It rivals or is better than Garden State.

Many won’t know that this was a Kickstarter movie and in the end that doesn’t matter because I get to know that we supported it and got to see it early. To the rest of everyone out there who see it they’ll just know that they saw an awesome movie.


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