Morning Brew: Rwanda Mwasa & Bahamas Is Afie

This morning I tried something new with my brew. I’m using the same delicious Mwasa coffee I’ve been using since 07.30.2014 (about a week over it’s peak freshness) but I decided to use VOSS water to brew it with on the recommendation of a coworker. Apparently it picks up what the coffee has to offer better. I’m about to take my first sip.

The cup is incredibly dense and full of chocolate notes. There is a blackberry note running under all of that while the cup remains insanely smooth. As it cools on the palate it gains notes of candied peach rings (you know, think of those Troll gummies. This would be an expensive habit to form – brewing with this water – especially since I hate drinking it – Voss – all by itself.

This morning I’m pairing this delicious coffee with a mellow new album by the artist Bahamas entitled Bahamas Is Afie. The title references the artists first name. Right now I’m listening to a song called “Nothing to me now” and it grooves and hooks at all the right parts with just some slight twang of guitar and a light beat running throughout the song. This might not be an album to drive to though because it is quite mellow with the exception of one song (still pretty damn mellow but poppy), “Little Record Girl”, possibly the weakest song on the record.


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