Need more time.

I’ve managed to eek out a few pieces containing my words since Harper has been born. It gets harder every day I don’t write. Probably as I get older as well. You get in your own head more and more. I know that I need to try every day and that before she was born I was writing something at least 3 to 4 times a week. Harper is nearly four months old and I might have as many pieces of writing to show for it.

I know that it only becomes focused if you work at it.

It is also hard to find time where I don’t want to fall asleep, just relax, play video games or do something else when Harper allows it. I may make it sound harrowing but it isn’t. It is just quite different than Avery was. Harper is more needy outside of the the initial three weeks of Avery’s life. After that she was just chill. Or at least that is how I remember.

Harper definitely requires more attention so that just means less relaxation. Oh woe is me.

I’m not complaining I just want more time.


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