My current goal is to get into a daily writing habit again. That means you’ll see a lot more here as long as what I’m writing is postable and not just scribbles in a notebook. After a month or so of this I think my goal is to rewrite my book. So much of it was written so long ago (4 years now) and editing has become daunting. I don’t know what to add, take out or leave. The idea and structure of what I have there is something I want to keep but I’m feeling that the words there don’t quite illustrate it well (this is a more literal statement than you can imagine). There are definitely some ideas, sentences, phrases that will make it over because they are the parts that I love.

What I don’t think I’ll lose in this process is my voice. For those of you that I have let read any part of it you know what my “voice” is. I’m looking forward to this and I think I can have at least a rough draft done by the end of the year.

Wish me luck.

I’ll be sending at least one of you what I’ll now refer to as the old work.


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