Yet Another Post About The Trials of Writing

It hasn’t been easy to write lately. I keep saying to myself that I’ll do it and saying it out loud – in a way – with the hope that that’ll be my motivation. I always have fear in my actions. I know I sound like a broken record. Writing about writing is my favorite – not really – past time. You always hear to write what you know and the difficulty I face I what I know right now. I can’t count on the flood gates opening though. One can’t just hope for that. Even now I’m writing this in OneNote so that I can make sure it is good and ready before I post it to WordPress.

The easiest thing to blame is being the father of two children but that isn’t fair to them. Harper can be a handful but when she’s calm Avery’s needs, though exceedingly less numerous, still need to be met. And then I like to play video games as well. I am often likely to do what is easier, and play, instead of writing.

If only I could tell myself how fulfilled I’ll feel when I actually get the words out.

Right now I have a moment where all of the distractions are quieted. Here we are. Here’s to a few more of these moments.

I don’t think I am the type of person that can write in the comfort of my home. I like the idea but in practice it doesn’t work. Perhaps in the future when I can actually have an office space to myself. Hopes and dreams.

I think I’m the type of person that has to take the laptop (that I don’t have) or the notebook (the paper kind) to a café and just write for a few hours.

It’ll make it a little more like work but I think I’ll ultimately be happier for it.


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