Halo 2 Revisited Part 1

It’s been about 10 years since I played through the campaign of Halo 2 and this is the first time I’ve ever made it this far on the legendary difficulty level. If somehow you haven’t played Halo 2 or if you are not one to care about video games then you can skip this post.

I am enjoying the campaign far more than I thought I would this second time around and I’m now fully acclimated to the difficulty in the game. I’m no longer feeling frustrated with it any longer. There are definitely difficult moments but it never really feels insurmountable.

I’m also remembering it differently. I’m now more than halfway through the game and I haven’t fought a single brute. I had  remembered them being a main part of the campaign but clearly thus far this has only been in cut scenes. I also thought that you switched to the arbiter every other mission and that doesn’t happen either. It is more like every second mission.

I so enjoy the strategic nature of encounters in this series but something I won’t remember as fondly is how long some of these encounters can go on for. At one point Cortana says it doesn’t seem as though the covenant care too much that we are here. Well that’s just a bold faced lie. I think they care a lot and they are trying awful hard to kill me.


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