Halo 2 Revisited Part 2

A bit more than halfway through the game the Brutes take over. The Elites are exiled after they fail to protect the Prophet of Regret.

The game is just ramping up when it ends. Perhaps it was just a matter of pacing or maybe the game should have been twice as long but you don’t see this story wrapped up until Halo 3. Even though I have long since finished Halo 3 it still felt brutal (no pun intended) to have Halo 2 (and all of its beautifully remastered cutscenes) yanked out from under your feet.

Though I still feel accomplished. For the first time ever, completing it solo, I have finished a Halo game on legendary. One of those levels (Gravemind) took me four hours. But even though that is the case there were very few moments where I actually felt frustrated. After the initial learning curve each moment just became the actual discovery of finding my way through. Or cheating the game (it definitely did its share of cheating me).

I had forgot about the boss fights. Ugh, the boss fights. Never again with boss fights in a first person shooter. No one likes a bullet sponge.

Overall I had a great time playing this game again. And damn, even though it gets cut short, that is an amazing story.


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